Our Extensive Machinery

Our Offerings:

We have huge collection of Machineries to manufacture and supply a vast range of precision engineered as well as Heavy engineered tailor made jobs used in varied number of industrial applications.

With our expertise in engineering industry we can provide,

-       CNC Oxy fuel Cutting up to 250MM

-       Sheering Cutting and Bending up to 10MM

-       CNC Plasma Cutting

-       Precision and Heavy Fabrication

-       Welding, Drilling, Grinding, Polishing

-       Cut to Length Coil Cutting

Our extensive machinery range includes:

CNC Oxy Fuel Profile Cutting Machine

Specially imported from Germany, this machine can give any shape to MS Material up to 200 MM with very high speed and accurate Quality Cutting. Machine gives perfect finishing cutting parts, so no requirement of Hammering or surfacing. This Machine is our USP and we can deliver Quality to the Customers with timely delivery.

Technical Details:

Messer CNC Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine Com cut 3100x 9000

- Track width:        3100 mm                              - Overall width:     3880 mm

- Working width:   2550 mm                                - Track length:      9000 mm

- Working length:  8500 mm                               - Cutting capacity: 150MM

Sheering Machine

This machine is specially designed for straight cutting up to 8MM. This machine is very useful when we want Quantity with Quality in Production.

Technical Details:

·         Model                      : E.M.HVR 630                 Capacity (M.S.)            : 8mm

·        Capacity (S.S.)         : 6mm                             shearing length            : 3000mm.

·         Number of SPM        : 24 – 10                          Working Height            : 800mm.

·         Blade size               : 18 X 75 X 3150mm

Bending Machine Press Brake

All types of bending Solutions. This machine can bend any Material up to 10MM. Very useful in Precision Job work.

·         Model                : E.M.PBR 1630              Capacity.           : 160 MT.

·         Bending Capacity:10mm X 3000mm.        Table size.        : 230 X 3000mm.

·         Clear Pass.         : 2550mm.                   Open Height.     : 350mm.

·         Closed Height.   : 200mm.                      Throat Depth.     : 300mm.

Electric Overhead Transportation (EOT Crane)

Factory’s Material handling solution. With a capacity of whooping 12.5 tones, we can manage any type of Heavy material. We use it for Loading and Unloading of Plates on our CNC Profile Cut machine as well as for Heavy Fabrication.

Type:                            Double Girder Type        Capacity:                       12,500 kgs

Span:                            11 m                             Height of Lift:                7 m

Class & Duty:                 Class II

30 Ton & 10 Ton Manual Press

For all types of pressing solutions we have two press of 30 Ton and 10 Ton respectively. We also prepare dies for tailor made jobs for easy press operating.



-       38 mm REDIAL DRILL,

-       32 MMPILLAR DRILL,


-     11.14 INCH HAXO CUTTER.